Patent Design Drawings

We have been providing quality patent drawings for over 10 years. I personally have over 20 years experience in engineering, architecture, manufacturing, drafting, and graphics. Over the last 10 years I've seen every type of issue possible with Design patent drawings and learn from each one. Which makes us the perfect fit for your design patent drawing needs.

Let us take care of it for you. No unnecessary back and forth we know what we're doing and we know what the rules are at the USPTO. We have created thousands of design drawings. We will work with you to make sure your drawings are successful. If any issues may arise we will fix them.

Email us with the PDF or images of the drawings to be formalized. If you would like us to sign an NDA please send to If you don't have an NDA we have one you can download here and fill in your company information and date. This will keep you protected in your patent drawings.

It is important to keep in mind when creating design drawings that all the views must relate to one another throughout the complete set. if each view of the product does not line up with the next view it will get a rejection. To eliminate this we often make our own 3D models of your designs to use in the drawings. This allows us to portray the product exactly as it is designed and keep it consistent from you to view.

Sometimes you may already have a design that has been made in a 3D program. If that is the case you can send us a .step file. This data can be translated into your patent drawings which will then make sure that they are completely accurate with your product or design.

Because we have extensive experience in the mechanical design field we are able to make drawings based on knowledge of working devices and mechanisms. We are not just graphic artists. We are engineers and mechanically inclined designers.

A lot of our utility patent drawings are for the patenting of the manufacturing and sometimes distribution processes. We are experienced in large technical cases in mechanics and the patent drawings required for them. Software and application patents are also what we do.

Utility Patent Drawings